MJ12 Zombie Apocalypse

By Code Red Airsoft Park (other events)

Sat, Oct 26 2013 5:00 PM Sun, Oct 27 2013 12:00 AM

Code Red Famous Zombie Event OCT 26th 2013  this is our Grand Finale Halloween edition

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This is a Family Fun Event

Professional  Photo Studio takeing free Pictures for you to remember the night

Live DJ

 Catered Food cooked onsite at great pricing

lots of raffle prizes from our sponsors

And much more

The Story

MJ12 – Zombie Apocalypse

We have JUST received a VERY SHOCKING and DISTRUBING video transmission and so far what we’ve decoded is . . . . MIND BLOW!  There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding the question do Aliens from another planet exist? And WHAT possible connection is there to zombies?? 
We are all too familiar with the UFO crash that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico July 1947.  The video transmissions we’ve been decoding are telling a MUCH different and frightening story.  There was no wreckage discovered that day.     Instead it was a complete alien space ship that had VERY MUCH ALIVE aliens.  Their ship had malfunctioned requiring them to land and “re-boot” their ship.  They torpedo their landing area to give the illusion of something big crashing thinking it would take us longer to respond to the area, HOWEVER, they were wrong.  It had taken longer than expected for their ship to re-boot and they were caught.   They convinced the government to spare their lives in exchange for teaching us technology far beyond what we could have ever imaged.  They also went on to explain that all the asteroids that come in contact with earth have mutated viruses scattered on or in them.  They theorized that these viruses were picked up as they traveled thru space and are actually the cure for a lot of diseases that are here on earth.  The government agreed to spare their lives thinking they got the best part of the deal.  That is when the testing began on the unknowing . . . the people of earth.  It was a brilliant plan - the aliens would test the “cures” they created from the asteroids by ABDUCTING people.  Nobody would ever think it was a government cover up and once people told their stories about their abductions they would be labeled CRAZY !! But it was all a ploy by the aliens . . . .  They have been studying us and what better way than to abduct us! Their plan is to take over the world and what better way than to release a virus that turns us into the undead where we eventually destroy ourselves.  All they have to do is wait. . . . .
This will be the BIGGEST Battle yet that Code Red Zombie Outbreak Response Team will face . . . . .
C.R. Z.O.R.T. activation has begun stay tuned to the website ( ) for further info . . . . .




age 12 and up
Limited to the first 200 players
No refunds
Event goes on Rain or Shine